Panchayat divorced the gunpoint of the wedding lovers in Muzaffarabad area of ​​Multan, police arrested 3 people of the girl’s family, Muzaffarabad resident Adnan and Azmi police station Muzaffarabad They informed that they had married the likes of their families, who had decided to divorce their Panchayat, Panchayat forced them to divorce, when they protested, they removed the weapon, now to resign But the threats are being given, he said that we want to stay together, the government should protect us On the other hand, CPO Multan Chaudhry Salim ordered the action against Panchayat on this incident, he said that police will be given protection to Adnan and Azmi, the case is being registered so both are called to be stationed so that they Identify the suspects that the accused will be arrested today, he said that no one will be abused in Panchayat system.

The young girl who had gone home for a job did not return many days, then one day her call came and said such a thing that the parents got the biggest shock of life, where was it and for what was the shameful work being done? Could never imagine.

Police arrested Makhdoom Rashid on the orders of CPO Multan after registering a case against five family members and arrested three, according to the police according to the police, according to the police, the house of girl Majyb Bibi was 18, whereas Muzaffarabad’s daughter-in-law Adnan was abducted and Syed Tahir-ul-Abbas, Elias , Faisal Shah and Saeedidshah and Nardad Bibi wrote a divorce divorce, police investigated the matter.