Modular smartphones sound nice on paper. They’re devices that will considerably outlast ancient handsets, because the user would be ready to upgrade the hardware by merely swapping the recent components with newer one. They’re conjointly devices that will let the user customise a phone to satisfy his or her preferences. you’ll add further batteries or sensors and higher camera.

In follow, no one was ready to attain this smartphone miracle. Google’s Project Ara is one amongst the foremost outstanding failures, though there area unit many different standard smartphone comes that didn’t get any substantive traction.

Can Facebook amendment any of that? 

The giant social network isn’t able to announce something simply nonetheless, however Business corporate executive simply discovered a replacement Facebook patent that explains standard devices.

They’re “modular mechanical device devices,” so not smartphones. however they’re devices that might incorporate a spread of components together with speakers, microphones, bit show, GPS, and even operate as a phone. However, a picture from the patent shows a tool that appears nothing sort of a smartphone:
The patent could as simply describe technology to create a standard sensible speaker for the house that will contend against Amazon’s Echo or Google Home.

Business corporate executive notes that the authors of the patent return from Facebook’s Building eight research laboratory that’s acting on art movement comes. Former Apple, Google, and Motorola workers work Building eight, together with former Project Ara team members.

These unidentified Facebook devices may well be connected to a server and loaded with completely different software system supported the kind of elements they contain.

The last time Facebook tried to form a phone it absolutely was an everyday device, however it wasn’t a Facebook creation. The social network partnered up with HTC for that phone, however the project clothed to be a whole failure.