The representative for President Trump’s personal legal team resigned Th, as a part of what is also a wave of changes for the president’s circle.

The professional person UN agency had been leading the charge for Trump’s outside counsel team on the Russia investigation conjointly can currently take a lower-profile role. And there area unit reports Friday morning that Anthony Scaramucci may well be broached for communications director.

The resignation was tendered by Mark Corallo, UN agency had been the lead representative on behalf of Trump’s long-time personal professional person brandy Kasowitz and therefore the legal team. Corallo, UN agency was antecedently a representative for the executive department, reportedly objected to public criticisms of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. His resignation comes days when Trump told The ny Times that he didn’t need Mueller investigation Trump close corporation ties outside the Russia scope.

Despite media reports to the contrary, however, Kasowitz did not resign from the president’s outside counsel team, a source close to Kasowitz told Fox News — he will instead be taking a lower-profile role.

Kasowitz will continue to give his input and guidance to the president, as well as all members of the outside counsel.

Kasowitz was originally summoned to help assemble and launch an outside counsel team with the president’s confidence. According to a source close to Kasowitz, he instructed Jay Sekulow to handle media appearances, John Dowd to work as a D.C. criminal lawyer, and Ty Cobb to handle the White House.

Kasowitz was on defense last week after ProPublica exposed a series of profanity-laden emails seemingly threatening someone who had criticized him. Kasowitz lashed out after receiving an email from the individual that reportedly said: “Resign Now.”

Kasowitz later apologized. “The person sending that email is entitled to his opinion and I should not have responded in that inappropriate matter. I intend to send him an email stating just that. This one of those times where one wishes he could reverse the clock but of course I can’t,” Kasowitz said in a statement after the emails became public.

Reports also surfaced overnight Thursday that Scaramucci is being floated for White House communications director. First reported by Axios, Scaramucci, who supported Trump during the general election, is expected to fill the White House role that has remained vacant since Mike Dubke’s resignation in May.

Asked Friday about the reports, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway said, “We have a great communications team already.”

But she told “Fox & Friends” that Scaramucci “has been an incredible asset to President Trump during the campaign and now—he goes out there and thinks the president is being treated very unfairly.”