the behavior of office workers who annoy others with their noxious aromas – sumehara, or “smell harassment”.

Daisuke Koda, who is the incubation lead at Konica Minolta Japan’s business innovation centre, told the Guardian that the idea arose after a discussion he had with several male colleagues, all aged about 40, two years ago.

They were discussing the increasingly intense summer heat and confided in each other that they sometimes were afraid of how they smelled.

The gadget is available to buyers in Japan. Surprisingly, The company said it had no current plans to sell the device outside Japan. The device is priced at 30,000 yen ($265).

Last year, Sony also released a portab     le aroma diffuser called Aromastic. Owners of the device, dubbed an “aromatic Walkman”, can select which scent they want to be emitted in their vicinity.